Married man always asks if I’m taken?

I’m a regular customer at a cafe which is run by a married man. I’ve known him for 6 years (since he opened) and we are good friends I’d say.

He is very flirtatious towards me and it has become sexual at times. But one thing I don’t understand is why he keeps asking me about my relationship status. Every now and then he will ask me if I have a boyfriend yet, or if I’ve got children yet. Then he will ask me why not etc.

One time he acted oddly when he found out I was talking to one of his male friends on Instagram. I was messing about and tried to touch his beard (usually he has no problem) but he snapped at me saying “don’t touch me”... then when I did it again he actually slapped my hand away and stormed off.

I know he’s married and out of bounds but why does he seem so interested in my love life?
Married man always asks if I’m taken?
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