Did he reject me?

I made a post in a group on Facebook asking about an online program. And then this guy commented on my post asking me why don't I just attend a local college for the program we talked a little bit. He ended up asking me where did I live because we realized we both lived in the same area we are down the street from each other. He sent me a friend request and I accepted. (I didn't think there was anything wrong with adding him since he works in the business) I noticed that he's opening up a business next month and I want to work in the same profession. So I messaged him asking him where was his business is located. And told him that I would like to come to visit. He said the business wasn't opened yet but that he would give me a tour anytime.

So then I tagged him in a Facebook post saying that I thought older men are better at sex than younger men. And then he commented saying that older men are just slower. (He's an older married guy) I made another post saying "I want you" And he commented saying that's a little forward. I apologized to him for flirting and he said it's ok and that he's flattered and it made him stand up a little straighter.
Did he reject me?
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