Does he possibly like me?

A while back I added this guy from school on Facebook. Then one day out of nowhere he randomly added me back... two days later he followed me on Instagram, and turns out I wasn't even following him on IG so that left me kinda curious if it was just a coincidence he followed me on both in two days.
A few days ago, I was sitting at my lab table in my forensics class and all the equipment for the lab was at my table. At one point, he came over to get equipment but as he did, I literally just got lost in space and stared out off at him. Then he looked at me with the guy (what's up head nod and raised his eyebrows at me) I don't know why but I literally just looked down after that and continued working on my work.
Yesterday he was with a group of friends and passed by me then he said Hi Hannah out of nowhere... he has never just said hi to me (Don't get me wrong, I tell everyone hi, but like he's not one to just do that to people)
Maybe it's all in my head but what do y'all think?
Does he possibly like me?
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