Guys, is my engaged male friend interested in me?

Hi, so I'm a 20 year old female student and I've got a male friend who's in his early 30s and engaged. We met in an organisation/club where he's sort of like one of my mentors. I use the term 'friend' loosely as we have not known each other for that long, and since he's a man, I don't have the same type of friendship with him that I have with my girl friends e. g. I don't confide in him, hang out alone with him, etc, we typically just make small talk with one another at events and social gatherings. We also interact with each other's content on social media, so right off the bat, this all seems normal.

However he does some other things which make me second guess his intentions, and it never occurred to me until my brother pointed it out but again, he could just be a paranoid, overprotective brother. So anyway, one of the things my male friend does is that he notices changes in my appearance e. g. if I changed my hair or am wearing a new skirt he will let me know he noticed. And this is a typical man's man who has no idea about fashion. He calls me names like 'lovely' and 'sweetie' and he never does this to other girls in the club we're in; yet he calls me by my name in front of his fiance I've realised. My brother says men don't just call anyone 'lovely.' He has called me a few times out of nowhere to have long conversations about how I'm such a positive influence to our club, give it a good reputation etc; yet he could have just sent me that over a text message.

Also, I get this vibe that his fiance doesn't like me. So yes, I am considered conventionally pretty I guess, and I'm also very girly (always in skirts and dresses, makeup, nails done etc) but I never wear anything even remotely sexual or provocative. I have never flirted with him or even ever called him.

So yeah, please let me know what you think and what I can do to deal with this. I genuinely don't know whether I am overreacting or if this is actually him, a man almost married, hitting on me.
Guys, is my engaged male friend interested in me?
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