Do you think he's hurt/ mad at me?

long story short I had this thing/ talked to this guy on and off for a few years. We had stuff in common, sexted, talked about meeting up but never went through with it for a few reasons. We would video call for a couples hours late at night, we would watch a show together virtually, flirted etc. I recently told him that I think its best if we stopped talking because there was nothing happening between us and just saying I needed to move on etc. I contacted him a couple times talking about our time and sometimes he would ignore me and he finally responded. He thought before that we could be something more. I suggested talking on the phone to talk about things. He said " maybe we can talk on the phone one day when i'm free" He takes a day to respond.. he usually responds late at night or sometimes not at all. He would finish his sentences with periods where he hasn't done that before.
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Do you think he's hurt/ mad at me?
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