Can't figure out what this guy wants?

So this guy is a married man and he is a coworker. He is overly shy and quiet. One day he came for me to treat him (am a dentist) and after few treatments he started to talk and get into deep conversations i can tell he was opening up to me more and more and he spoke also about past family trumas and past incidents.. He also talked about his childhood and show me pictures of his family members and his little daughter..
Then day by day our bond is getting stronger. I thought it was a good friendship but then he started complimenting me over many things and tried to hint that he is developing some feelings for me and that he didn't expect that. Our chats over whatsapp where endless we spoke almost all day everyday untill one day he told me that he likes me very much and was wondering if i felt the same. I told him that I cannot answer his question (by the way am married too and I want to remain faithful to my man) But i really really like this guy.
One day his wife was going through his phone and knew that he likes me and she got so mad at him and acused him of cheating.. He told me about it and solved the issue with his wife.. Which i really felt guilty for even though all what we did was texting and we never exposed our feelings. But he is still hanging around me at work, spending all the time he can with me.. I dont know if he knows that i like him back as much or if he still try to figure it out
He trys to make me laugh all the time by being funny and telling jokes, teasing me a lot and trying to get to know me very well.
I have feelings for him now and i dont know what to do, I heard recently from a mutual friend that he has issues with his wife and that he dosnt like that she is very superficial and too young to truly understand him ( she is 5 years younger than him) Im one year younger than him.. Now i really can't figure out what he is aiming for and whether i should put an end to this or surrender to my feelings and tell him how i really feel.
Can't figure out what this guy wants?
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