How should I handle this guy?

We were work friends, and he used to eat lunch with me all the time (at the time i was married and my husband ate with us.. he just said he was annoying. ) i tried setting him up with my best friend because they both thought each other was attractive. She didn't take to him personally after talking because he came on strong. He messaged me for years about how she was the one, he was in love, etc. Years later. My husband and i divorce (that's another story) and he finds out and then all of a sudden "it was anyways me but i was taken" "i always cared. And about his daughter" those types of lines. I bring up the whole thing with my friend and he gets mad. I get he can lose feelings for someone and like another, but does it seem like he just likes anyone who gives him attention or could it actually be genuine?
How should I handle this guy?
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