Why did this married guy ask if I have a boyfriend?

There is a guy who I have a crush on for that works in my building. After several months of my admiring him from afar and him and I flirting a bit back and forth, recently in casual conversation, he slipped in mention of “wife” while conversing with me. I was bummed but know nothing can come out of my crush with him. I can only ever just admire him from afar.

He’s older in his late 40s while I’m in my late twenties.

Again, I don’t plan on forging a relationship with him, but my heart of course thinks of the things he says still. The other day we were talking about how he became a dad at a young age, and he then after asked me “What about you? Are you married? Boyfriend?”

I told him I don’t and he said “Oh well why not?”

If he has no intention of leaving his wife, why would he want to know if I have a boyfriend? To just fulfill a curiosity?

And by him asking why I’m single was that him thinking I’m weird for being single at my age or am I overthinking?

Thank you all
Why did this married guy ask if I have a boyfriend?
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