How do you choose between two guys?

I like this guy and his brother. The first guy, I met before his brother. He's three years younger, somewhat like me. I'm pretty, shy, quiet, nice, and always smiling. He's cute, shy, quiet, rarely smiles, rude, not too much outgoing. His brother is the same age as me and we have the same birthday. He is confident, nice, hot, loud, outgoing, super funny, smiles all the time and makes me laugh. Even though I'm the shy, quiet one I'm use to going for guys like that.
I just got to know the older brother a few days ago (didn't know they were brothers until now) so there's no feelings there yet. I do have feelings for the younger one because I met him first. I'm not sure if the younger one is really into me as he says he's is. I like his brother and his brother seems to be into me too. They don't know I know both of them and I don't know what to do.
How do you choose between two guys?
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