What is his ordeal?

This guy added me, flirted first (and continued). Suddenly revealed his relationship and made it seem as if I’m the one who’s after him despite him flirting and continuing to flirt.
I don’t like how he made it out to be that I’m thirsty for him. We hooked up years ago, recently he added me back on Snapchat and would keep making private stories with captions I’m sure are directed at me (for example I mentioned a car on my stories and the next day on his private story he posted the EXACT car and said “when girls think this is a nice car LMAO”) He even made a private story with the “ask me anything” YOLO inbox where people can send anon questions. I sent him one and the reply was directed at me (not sure why he would assume or know it’s me unless I was the only person in that private snap story). I also had the YOLO inbox up for a day and Im pretty sure he sent me some inappropriate messages because he would be the first to view it and the person knows what music I like during sex (he’s the ONLY one who’d know this because my other exes are blocked). One of the other anon messages said: I heard you’re a home wrecker. Want to wreck my home? (When we hooked up he was cheating on his relationship at the time and I found out he had affairs with his other Gfs before).
Later on, he sent me a generic snap so I would do the same including an OOTD pic I sent everyone. He replied with fire emojis and then I sent him some more racy pics and he’d continue to reply (no mention of any relationship) with flirty messages or that’s a “ fire emoji snap” back. Whenever he would leave my reply on read, I wouldn’t say anything. But then he’ll reply to my story and I’ll start talking again. He claims that during my racy snaps I said “next time” but I save all my snaps and re-read them all and not once did I say “next time” or imply I wanted to sleep with him again. I only flirted for fun/ego boost not because I wanted him or anything.
1 y
Then outta nowhere he said the girlfriend thing and tells me I need to take “the hint” because he’s not interested... then blocks me. I had no idea and thought he was single the whole time considering he flirted. I apologized to him (on Facebook) and wished him luck. Not sure if it’s relevant but he’d always be the first to view my stories and liked every single one of my insta pics. I added him back on Instagram 1.5 years ago, he would like all my pics then he randomly blocked me and re-follows
1 y
His exact message was:
Honestly though your not getting the message you got to stop sending me nudes I'm in a relationship with a girl that I love and I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it. Use this energy with somebody else Because you are wasting your time and to be honest your not going to get anything out of me. Please don't message me. I hope you understand and find whatever you are looking for with somebody else. I won't be replying anymore. Thanks.
What is his ordeal?
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