How can I have a husband if I hate how men talk? Im uber girly?

How can i have a husband if i hate how men talk?
They insult each other and me when im around them and they thinj that and their bad attitude and moody attitudes are ok.

Meanwhile if a girl does it she's considered a feminazi biitch. I am quiet and dont express myself and im not one to take my mood out on others. If i feel bad i just stay quiet i dont make rude remarks or act curt with people around me. I actually have class and stay nice and positive.

But i work with a lot of moody stupid boy-men at work and i have to put up with their moody assses and rude remarks towards me.

I thought it was ok guys at work insulted me cuz it means im one of the guys but now im just tired of it?
Yeah i get that its not personal and theyre having a bad day/life or whatever. But seriously i can't keep pretending to myself like its ok. Its just wearing me out. I am a nice gal and i dont insult people or act sarcastic or mean even jokingly because thats not who i am or what i believe in. But yet so many guys i have to work beside at work act that way to me (and others, again i dont think its personal)...
How can I have a husband if I hate how men talk? Im uber girly?
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