Why am I still feeling sad?

So there was this guy I really liked. All my friends were shooting their shot with the guys they liked so I tried too. Me and the guy had a little history but not really steep. So I texted him. He replied he asked why I never said anything or why I’m just now saying something. At that point I was too nervous I let my friend text back. To summarize my friend was texting him firm my phone and she said something that I didn’t exactly know what it meant some slang I didn’t know. So he was like what I meant by it. I didn’t really know what it meant so I didn’t get far. Eventually he didn’t text back and I was sad about it. But I still follow him on social media. He shared one post that said when you tryna figure out if she really like you or she just bored. And then another that said y’all be deleting messages after y’all inbox and don’t get a reply. So I feel like it’s about me. But I didn’t delete the message I just moved it so that I couldn’t see it. But how do I get over this I’m back home and I’m so scared to run into him and they laugh in my face. How do I get over this embarrassment i jsut feel shame every time I leave the house. This was my first time doing something like this. help
Why am I still feeling sad?
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