Why is it more disgusting when a man is a golddigger?

I actually hate anyone dating or marrying others for money but for some reason, it's seen more disgusting when a man displays that trait than a woman.

My brother was dating his girlfriend for a year. She came from a wealthy family and the girl already had 2 vehicles, 3 houses and own a store. Her major is engineering. He admitted to a couple close friends that she was good in looks but was really after the money. He knew that if they were to one day get married and a divorce happens, she would be at disadvantage. He wanted to get more wealthy in the future, even if it meant taking someone's money.

No one (not even his close male friend) patted him on the shoulders. They were all very disgusted with him and thought that was so low, despicable and cruel. They ended up informing this to the family. The girl's parents were distrusting from the start (they hated my brother) but that just confirmed their suspicious. He got dumped quickly. Why is it more disgusting when a guy is after someone's money than a girl?
Why is it more disgusting when a man is a golddigger?
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