How do you get over being played?

It's such a horrible feeling. Basically I really cared for a guy and I thought he really loved me as a person. Then it becomes more and more clear that they don't care about your life and they only show up when they're want something from you. "Work has me so busy." In reality, I'm not even on his radar anymore, he doesn't think of me in the morning like he used to. Doesn't text me before work and on breaks like he used to, but he'll show up around night acting all sweet and start slipping in the sexual comments. Makes me feel disgusted that I was so easy and was in the mindset that "it's ok cause this is it." We never said it was official but we talked about it like it was. I guess that makes me the idiot.

I've brought this up when it first started happening and he told me it was in my head but you can tell when someone genuinely cares about you and has interest in the happenings of your life. For example, I had a interview a few Wednesdays ago and he's the only person I told and he gave me some advice. On Wednesday when he finally got around to talking to me he never asked how it went or anything. We still haven't talked about it since then (cause it kinda sucked and I'm embarrassed but I wanted him to care enough to ask).

It keeps me up all night because I don't have any answers. I don't know what happened and why. I don't want it to end but this hurts so bad.
How do you get over being played?
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