Boyfriend talking to his ex?

Sooo i found out from my friend that my ex boyfriend tried to greet his ex cush or former girl of his dreams when he saw her after nearly a year.

My ex had cut her off and refused to talk to her and listen to her. He chose to dump her, not sort out their issues and left her without saying a word to her. No goodbye, no talk nothing.

He shortly began hanging out with me after leaving her in the dark and we began dating. While we were dating he saw her 3 times. All three times, he crossed paths with her, made eye contact with her but she walked away from him. The 3rd time he tried saying hello to her when he came face to face with her.

He was dating me that time.

We broke up a few months earlier and turns out he's chasing that girl again now.

Why did he do this? We had a great sex life, met families and everything so why try to talk to her or make eye contact at all?
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Boyfriend talking to his ex?
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