How do I stop guys from treating me like a manic pixie dream girl?

This video will explain what a manic pixie dream is if you don't understand what one is.

I don't consider myself special at all and i don't think "im different from others girls" i just have a very quirky, witty personality that tends to attract guys who have a thing for Zooey Deschanel.

I have a boyfriend who treats me right and i love him very much but i also get and have gotten men who think im in their lifes simply to make their life better and more exciting. For example they know everything about what I like such as music, food, fashion etc but as soon as i want to talk about my political views or how im feeling they don't care and it turns more into how they are feeling.

None of these guys i ever actually dated because i can spot them types a mile away but it stops a lot of men from taking me seriously. For example i may have a male friend who wants to hang out at a bar or club or something because he thinks it will be fun and he'll get a chance with me but i have a boyfriend and sometimes i don't feel up to party and just want to chill and they get all grumpy with me, like there happiness is my responsibility.

I get told im a one of the boys from a lot of my male friends as if i want to be one of the boys because me being a girl hanging out with men would be strange. I like feminine things and being a girl. They think im their to make them better and more exciting and don't really offer much back besides "here let me buy you a drink" or "do you need a lift home" it may just sound like there being nice but I've learnt there's usually a romantic motive behind it.
How do I stop guys from treating me like a manic pixie dream girl?
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