My ex asked me this?

So after a week of not talking to my ex to process the breakup, I reached out to him to say what’s up. I ended up writing him a long text telling him how I felt about him, what I thought he felt for me, what I wanted to be for him and just overall how I felt about the breakup and why it shouldn’t have happened. He told me he’s still writing his notes out as in his response to my heartfelt text I wrote to him. Not once did I ask him to take me back but it was me telling him all of my feelings on a deeper level. While I’m waiting to here what he has to say back to me, we’ve been having small talk. He told me before he reveals his answer to me, which I hope this is worth the wait, that he wanted to ask me something. He asked me if I missed him sexually. I later asked him what made him ask that and he said he wanted to know. I told him that I miss him overall, in every way that someone can miss some home. I asked him if he missed me that way and he put the smirk face emoji. So that’s a yes. Why does he want to know and what does this say about his feelings?
My ex asked me this?
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