Guys, is it my fault?

so I've been chatting to a guy for 6 months

We've hung out

he has mentioned that he really likes me and I seem like a woman that wants something serious.

He said lets take it slow. He didn't seem to trust women a lot. Said they used him for money and they would always leave eventually.

However, he said he is moody and even though I would go a week without talking, it got him upset to the point he said I was forcing it. Then I would talk every 2 days and he would say you aren't talking enough. he was angry often (not sure if thats a moody thing?). Finally he told me that he thinks we should just be friends. I said ok. I treated him more like a friend than ever. I didn't talk about love or dates or even said I love you once. Still, he would send " hope you are okay" texts on sms at nights which is confusing to me. Because when he said lets be friends , I fell back when it came to chatting with him. One night he said after "talking to my people about you" I've decided to give you a chance" Im sorry (his people?) Well that made me a little sick to my stomach so I asked him "Are you sure"? Suddenly out of no where he called me a cunt and said that he isn't attracted to me anymore, that I basically had no taste and was just good for a f&&*. Did he seriously mean that or was it anger?

if thats what "MEN BEING MOODY" IS LIKE, i DONT WANT IT. OMG. So I just wanna know where I went wrong? if its totally my fault?
1 y
1 y
Guys, is it my fault?
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