Why would he do this especially when he has a girlfriend?

I’ve been speaking to this guy and it was going good. There was some sort of flirting going on. So he told me to message him again tomorrow and we just got on however I was just far from where he lived. After he started flirting with me as I was telling him about a wedding of my cousin that will take place in the same town as him so I’m gonna visit soon. And he was saying things like “you’re gonna look sexy.” And we was meant to meet but then he had last min plans on going on holiday. However throughout his whole trip he was talking to me and things got sexual. He was telling me how he wouldn’t get rid of me if I was next to him blah blah and how he was physically and sexually attracted to me. I also flirted back (didn’t know he had a girlfriend) he was saying things like “look at you 😍 physically and sexually attracted to u.” He also kept on telling me to stay longer so he can see me and he was making plans on what we can do. However I couldn’t stay. So then we continued flirting/sexting abd he was sooooo eager to meet me. So we met first time we had amazing connection and so much sexual chemistry he couldn’t stop touching me and looking at me. He kissed my hands and touched my hair saying how my hair is long and soft and my hands are soft and I smell good. The whole journey in the car he didn’t let my hands go. Second time we met he care late as he was at work and he Was saying stuff like how he wish he didn’t have work or he would of spent the whole day with me and how he can’t focus at work cause of me. So we met and had sex. I asked him so many times if he’s talking to anyone he’d say “nah I’m single.” Or “nah I don’t have a girlfriend.” Turns out all this time he had a girlfriend the whole time he was trying to Pursue me. Why did he even lie? He even said since we started talking he said how he’s nothing but honest with me this is he’s words “I’ve always been honest with u since we started talking.” Why would he lie?
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He also said to me how I do something to him and make him bad! I just feel guilty now I found out he has a girlfriend we’ve had sex twice and he always said “it would be hard to commit to u cause of long distance.” He also said how ldr never works.
Why would he do this especially when he has a girlfriend?
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