How can I tell if this older guy is interested in me?

I started a new temp job about three weeks ago, and my very first day the other new person and I really started to connect. He is a 30 year old male and I am a 24 year old female. We came from the same company previously at different locations. I thought he was gay, so we talked and shared stuff. He is not gay and single. I a lot about him, we go to lunch on pay day and he gets coffee or beer. He talks to me about sharing, marketing, legal issues, etc about my business. He even helps me with my actually job after I leave for the day.

Our lunches are the best, we laugh the entire time and he has been really supportive. I have been feeling like my career isn't taking off the way it should have been since graduation and he tells me that I am doing the right thing. I did NOT have the energy to do a PhD right now. Recently, he's been attempting to get closer to me, physically. He shows me videos on his phone and is standing so close to me, if I look up he could kiss me. He clearly wants to make me laugh and he messages me about random things during the day at work. Sometimes he sits in my cubical with me just to check and see how I am doing.

But the age difference. He talks about how stupid and optimistic that he was at my age and how old he is now. I try to explain that your life doesn't end at 30 and I'm THAT young. We could date and it be socially acceptable. When I said that he shivered as if it was a terrible idea but then he got nervous. Then we were talking about 'office persona' and he told me that everyone thinks I am naïve because I am so young. Lastly, he told me that he was accepted into grad school in New Zealand and wants to live there after he graduates. He can't go right now due to COVID. Maybe I am just something to pass the time?

I guess my overall question is, does he seem romantically interested? Because I am.
How can I tell if this older guy is interested in me?
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