Do some really get upset over men crying?

I have to post some kind of relevant picture.
I have to post some kind of relevant picture.

  • I've never had a relationship, been rejected, nor have I recently lost anyone recently, everything I mention are just examples that come to mind.
  • I'm not talking about people who cry over random, minor things, that's different 'Oh no ! I dropped a skittle'.

BREAKING NEWS: Men are humans.

"How dare a man cry over losing a loved one".

This isn't an attack on either gender, as I've seen both men and women bash men for crying, not all, whilst others seem to be fine with men having emotions.

Personally, I'm the type of person that virtually never shows these kind of emotions, whether alone or with anyone else, because it's not a side of me I feel comfortable showing, but that being said, are there honestly people out there that get that would get upset over a man crying? I'm guessing it links in with this 'real man' BS?

I get it, if it makes you uncomfortable or you don't like the sight of it, I'm not holding that against anyone, you can't help what you like/dislike, the main issue I have, is when people act as if men shouldn't be allowed to cry e. g. in the situation I mentioned above.

For anyone out there has a partner (not gender specific), who can't accept accept the fact that you have emotions or will get upset in a situation like I mentioned, then they probably aren't the one for you.

It just seems like some people out there are rather heartless and whilst they have every right to be that way and I'm not taking away their right to do so (just don't be surprised when some people don't like that), I honestly think it's kind of sad to see.

Men are allowed to cry.
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Do some really get upset over men crying?
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