What are signs that your boyfriend is talking to someone else?

I'm just wondering


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  • Is he always in a good mood for no reason suddenly? Smiling myseteriously? Do you overhear him talking to someone in a different way than normally.does he have converations where he is only listening and not saying anything?

    This are just a few telltale signs!


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  • He starts acting differently, your conversations are shorter,he has "i don't care altitude" toward your relationship,he doesn't laugh at ur jokes anymore.he seem to lose interest in fun actitives you guys share together.

  • When he is engaged in conversation with another human being*.

    *(unless he can speak to dolphins or thinks he can speak with other animals)


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  • 1.) He starts to see you less.

    2.) He starts to break off plans with you more frequently.

    3.) He has his phone off or does not answer a lot more when you call now.

    4.) He doesn't talk to you about much anymore and gets silent sometimes.

    5.) If he gets upset over little things and makes you out to be the bad guy.

    6.) If his general demeanor is more distant and cold where as before he wasn't that way.

    7.) If he hugs you or kisses you half-heartedly now.

    Does that sound about right? Um what does he do exactly if you don't mind me asking?

    • He doesn't do anything actually we are fine!im jw..