Is this man femmine?

Milo is 22 years old and deaf. He loves ballet dancing ( with women) and has long hair. He hates being deaf because it makes him feel wrothless as a man. To top that off, Milo generally has a gentle nature and he fights with himself on the inside. Should he be more aggressive and mean or be gentle, kind, and observant like he feels on the inside? He feels like his gentleness is wrong due to society's expectations and being deaf makes him feel much worse. When people are rude to him or he feels alienated in public, he feels like crying and hates himself more. Milo has always struggled with dating, but eventually gers a cute girlfriend.

She's more dominant than he is, makes most of the decisions, and grabs/ squeezes his private area often. Milo feels pathetic, angry, embrbrassed and sometimes wants to hit her but doesn't. During sex, he makes sure she has an orgasm first. He's great at making her come just from bitting/ kissing her neck and n! pples. He's the best sex partner she's ever had, he knows this, and withholds sex as a way to control her.
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Is this man femmine?
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