What is wrong with him... do you think he has a mental illness?

-He comes off like he's happy all the times. Like he tells me on repeat... Im always happy I'm always happy.-He always blames females for everything. He says females is the reason the world is f up. Women vs Male. -He always talk about gay men and how he is this real man. -He hates when I get compliments and onetime he dissed me and called me average looking.-He never apologize
- Me and him was sleeping and I woke up because I was feeling dizzy. I woke him up to tell him.. he got so mad at me and told me to leave him alone. He went back to sleep.-He tells me if I leave him it will be hard for me to find a good man like him. -I'm pregnant. So I been on an emotional roller coaster. He hates when I get emotional. He calls me childish, weak, demon, bipolar. He told me he feels sorry for the baby. -In his past his sons mother.. when she was pregnant... he told me she tried to kill the baby. She would stand on basketballs, get hangers. He wasn't there when the baby was born he was on vacation. Even when she had a baby shower everybody thought he wasn't going to show up. But he did with gifts. The last thing she told him was to not have another baby. ( that was 26 years ago) I'm in my 20s he's in his 50s. So that was a red flag when I thought of it. She put him on child support and restraining order I beleive. -Now he saying that he can't handle my emotions and that he can't deal with a person with mental illness and sensitive. Mental Illness runs in my family. Since being pregnant it for worse. So he wants to be far away from me and doesn't want to talk. -Everybody in his community tells me how nice he is... but he's not innocent. Everyone look at me like im crazy. I'm just confused. Because I question my sanity. Like am I the bad guy? (The only thing I ever did wrong to him... was accuse him). But im being called this evil person.
What is wrong with him... do you think he has a mental illness?
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