I’m conflicted and need advice whether I should invite this guy I was dating to my birthday party?

So I will get into the details of this situation. This guy I have been dating for 3 months has recently been distant with me. I’ve realised that when we hang out he’s not interested in asking questions about me like what he did in the beginning of our courtship. For instance when we went to the beach one time he commented on Brazilian girls at the beach and kept looking at them. And one time we went to the casino for drinks he said “oh I’m gonna walk over there, there’s a really sexy girl”. And I was a bit like wtf and what about me? I’m very attractive and have a nice body and he won’t even comment that I’m sexy. Like the fuck. Two weeks ago he started to become distant with me and I confronted him about it. He said that he preferred being friends with benefits and he wants to focus on himself. So I was a bit disappointed because I really like him and wanted to continue dating. I told him that I only want to be friends and don’t want to have sex because I’m not into that type of scene anymore and I’m just losing respect for myself. Mind you that we know each other through mutual friends and usually meet at parties. My friends still think that we’re dating and I haven’t told them that we’ve pretty much broke it off. So my birthday is this weekend and I was initially going to invite him but after what happened I’m hurt from it and i can be petty sometimes so I thought of not inviting him anymore and I was thinking that if my friends ask “why didn’t he come it’s your birthday”, I would just lie and say “oh he has work until late, it’s okay if he can’t make it”. Do you guys think I’m being petty and spiteful for not inviting him to my bday. Also mind you that my other girl friend will be there and he will most likely flirt with them. Because now I know that he is a fkboy. And I just don’t want my feeling hurt anymore.
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Thanks guys for the advice and your opinions. And I appreciate the honesty. I’ve decided to invite him just because I don’t want him to see that I’m weak and that his actions have affected me. I’m going to invite him to my bday and if he flirts with my other friends that’s up to him. I have no right to be possessive over him. He’s not mine. And I’m not his. I’m going to keep my distance with him and not give him much attention and Just treat him like a friend. Periodt.
I’m conflicted and need advice whether I should invite this guy I was dating to my birthday party?
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