Why is he so nice to me? I can't handle it.

I've been dating this guy for eight months, we get on really well he treats me so nicely, so nicely that it almost seems too good to be true and now I'm getting bored with him.

Why is he so nice to me? Does he have a hidden agenda?


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  • This is why we can't have nice things, apparently.

    "Even paradise gets boring after a while", so they say.

    It is sad.


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  • One thing I love is how frequently women complain about their boyfriends/men in general being assholes, wondering where all the nice guys are, and yet staying with their asshole boyfriends. Then, when they actually get a nice guy as a boyfriend, they say sh*t like this, and treat him like sh*t. You, madam, are living proof that being nice is worthless.

    And yes, he's just genuinely being nice. He believes in treating his girlfriend well.

    • It's not that it's living proud it's worthless being nice, if you knew what bad relationships I've had in the past you would understand my paradox.

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    • Be easy, fellas. She was probably raised by a "not so perfect" father and thus finds herself a glutton for bad times.

    • He's planning to hurt a guy merely because he's not a d*** to her.

      A situation cannot get sadder than that.

  • Well most guys don't have a secret agenda, He probably honestly loves you and believes that you deserve it all. Explain how your getting bored with him tho?

    • Getting bored because nice guys don't come by so easily not for me so I'm waiting for him to mess up and maybe show that his affection was never real? Maybe my fear of getting hurt so I'm thinking dump him before he does the dirty on me?

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    • Yeah I think you shouldn't let your shadow of your past effect a good relationship, I wish the best of luck for you.

    • i'bored' is not what you mean. Unless you mean you are 'bored' of being fake towards him, because you do not trust him. you don't mean he's boring u. that's not what you just said. you are not being clear in your answer, and you are going to get a lot of answers going in the wrong direction.

      ur question now just sounds like bullsh*t. make your mind and ask us about what you are referring to, not what yo want to hear yourself 'sound' like.

      & you may be addicted to the fear of losing a guy, & he's not providing thast 'thrill'

  • There are guys like him (and me) that genuinely enjoy treating girlfriends well and there are women like you who punish us for it.

    Just dump him. You don't deserve him.

    • LOL.

      "You don't deserve him."

      That's quite a nice way to put it, I hope it hurts her feelings like it should and put her en route to introspection.

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    • shes not talking about him being nice. she's just not properly typing what she's referring to..

      tho, true, allowing herself to think she's bored because he's nice is irresponsible & direspectful.

      but I don't think that's her problem. I don't even think she thinks that her problem. I don't know why she said it was. title has like zero to do with what she said she's bothered by.

    • I really don't give a f*ck toulouse. I'm dealing with another psycho in my own personal life that's wrecking sh*t because she's afraid of what's going to happen. This is why that guy keeps posting those "why are all women wimps and cowards?" question. It's like there's only one girl, and she's a f*king idiot, and there are 3 billion clones of her.

  • please allow me to ask you this this is not attack against you I like your opinion would you rather get hit by him, would you rather him to hit you so hard that you have to go to hospital because you badly hurt by him,do you rather him abuse you my point of these questions is this some us is truly nice if you date bad men then if he really is nice not mean then when you dump him for being a fellow nice guy and you date a bad man you might make him think you only want bad men then you successfully turn him into a jerk so if I were you stay with him and try talk it out with him of what's your problem and if you seen early signs of abuse leave him I'm hope this helps you and I hope my questions in this comment explains what's going on here if not feel free to ask me whenever whenever I can I try to answer your questions

    • plus I'm not mean and I'm a fellow nice guy too and no I'm not a jerk so please understand my comments and my questions I ask you those questions so you think very carefully do you want love or abuse it's up to you most women don't want us nice guys like me so if you don't have trust and love you don't have anything/you don't have a relationship so be careful also if you date more bad men you turn him into a jerk because you left him for a bad man

    • so far nice guys/good guys finish last because most women hate us if not then please tell me why you don't think we nice guys/good guys finish last then you get what I'm saying and I agree with Phoenix1991 he loves you and ask yourself as well do I want him never love me or do I want him to love me

  • U are probably just his first girlfriend. TONS of guys are nice to women. They make the mistake a stupid mistake.

    Many poor guys actually believe that just because women say they want guys to be nice to them, those women actually want guys to be nice to them.

    Poor saps right? I mean who ever would have thought men would listen to women and do what they ask them to do.

    You should definitely dump his ass and then find some other guy who will treat you like crap and cheat on you. If you found a guy who actually trusts you and respects you and listens to what you say... well why would you ever want a guy like that?

  • I hope he comes to his senses soon.

  • The one with the hidden agenda is you- you're waiting for him to slip up so you can explode at him when he does. You don't trust him in the slightest, and a relationship CANNOT work without trust. Do a favor for both of you and leave.

    • OK then please allow me to ask you this what if she dates bad men then she go back to him back to bad men again then he'll think she only wants bad men I should be a jerk why because she turns him into a jerk and she tries turn all good men and nice guys into jerks if she doesn't want someone who is nice then why she is staying with him in first place so she either wants someone nice or someone mean and cold hearted that's why I like to ask your opinion

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  • He's nice to you. Poor you!

    Do you know how many of us girl would love to have a guy who was so nice to us that it was "too good to be true"?

    You have two choice: Learn to accept that you have a great guy, or break up with him and date a d***.

  • you've got to be kidding me right? you have a wonderful guy that respects you and cares for you and you're thinking HE has an agenda.

    man, I'd hate to ever date someone like you.

  • Sounds like you're not "bored" ... you're just freaking out. If you genuinely like him, then him being nice shouldn't be a problem. Try doing something new together so you can see other sides to each other.


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