Hotel to spend time together?

I have a guy I have know and kept in touch with for 6 years. He recently expressed interest in seeing me again. We have tried to date in the past but it didn't work out. I had accepted that we were just gonna be friends but then he said he wants to be exclusive without being boyfriend and girlfriend a couple months ago. He just lost his dad suddenly and reached out for support and comfort and I was there for him. He really wants to see me and we have a great connection but he says due to covid the only place he will meet me is at a hotel we live in a state where no restaurants or theaters are open. I am a older virgin and he isn't and we have flirted for years. he claims that well he is attracted to me he doesn't want sex right away. I want to believe him but I am nervous. I would like to see where this goes and if we still have the same connection from years ago but I also don't want to be in a uncomfortable situation. Could he really just want to hang out with me and not have sex?
Hotel to spend time together?
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