Boyfriend is so focused on coursework, he turns snappy and turns down sex?

Okay I haven’t been on this site for a while.
my boyfriend gets very stressed about his work and getting it done, he’s doing coursework at the moment and is extremely strict on how much he needs to get done, because he’s a perfectionist he really spends a long time combing through all his work and it makes him very stressed when he doesn’t get something from his tasks that he’s meant to do (his teachers aren’t very good at responding during the pandemic and remote learning).
whenever I try to speak to him whilst he’s working (even if it’s to say, “would you like a cup of tea”, I know that’s the most British thing ever) he gets so snappy that I’m interrupting him. I know how stressful he finds work and I really let him get on with it but he’s so blunt and rude with me that I’m almost afraid to talk to him about anything in case he’s snappy with me, it makes me really sad. I even suggested having a little bit of fun;) if you know what I mean, to take the pressure off him a little bit but he reacted so terribly to that and said “you’re going to annoy me”. Like urgh, can’t you be just the slightest bit spontaneous? I have work myself that I get done and I am able to balance my attitude hahahaha.

I know his work is difficult but I hate the way he talks to me, and his work is still manageable if he takes his headset off and answers a question every half an hour. by the way he will be working for a 5 hours and we practically live in one room at the moment so we are un avoidable.
I don’t disturb him all the time, it’s for silly questions about food and drink.
im sure I’m being unreasonable but I’m struggling to see it.
Boyfriend is so focused on coursework, he turns snappy and turns down sex?
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