Guys, Should I break up with him?

There is a girl my boyfriend has known for over a year now, they met on Tinder after we split up for a couple months (I also was on tinder and hooked up with people during this breakup). They met but he says nothing ever happened between them and they both decided to just be friends.

Since we got back together last year, I obviously knew about this girl and didn't have a problem with her, until I discovered he went to her about an argument that we had and asked her advice, calling her 'sweetheart' in the process (these were in his Facebook messages). We argued about that, but it's since been put to rest even though it still bothers me.

He agreed to not have any more contact with her since it made me really uncomfortable, that is until we had another argument in December, and he reached out to her again (just adding her socials). I was fine with this, as long as nothing was going on between them which he reassured me there wasn't.

Due to personal circumstances, I moved out of our house 200 miles away a month ago to be with my family, partially because we both needed a breather from the relationship (still together, just having some time apart, so long distance).

Today I asked him if he had seen or heard from this girl since I left, because I just had a feeling. He said straight up that he had saw her a couple times to help her out with some problems she was having, including giving her relationship advice about a guy she's seeing and driving her over an hour to get medication, and helping her with her family problems.

This really bothered me, because we speak everyday and not ONCE did he mention that he had seen this girl or even spoken to her, despite me asking everyday what he has been up to and whatnot. I told him this wasn't cool and I'm obviously very upset about it, but he just can't see what he did wrong, claiming he 'didn't think to mention it'.

Should I break up with him? I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Guys, Should I break up with him?
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