Feeling Judged: am I looking at this right?

I often feel judged by my guy. He questions me about things I'm ashamed of from my past tho I've answered his questions several different times. He implies I'm lazy. He disapproves of me taking medicine (he has no health problems). He thinks I was wrong to leave my marriage 11 years ago, tho he knows I was emotionally abused. He lectures me about being late (I understand that) but implies that I do it purposely & that I don't care how people feel.
Now: I hit a dead deer in my lane at night & damaged my car. I texted him about it & told him that I was okay. He texted back "K." I didn't hear from him until the next afternoon. He finally called and said, "How did you manage to hit a dead deer? Didn't you see it?" I explained but his implication is always that he would never do such a thing. He said he hadn't called because he would "say something he shouldn't." He didn't have to come get me. It's not his car; it doesn't cost him a thing. I took care of everything alone. I keep thinking, "Why is his first thought usually criticism?" He was still upset on Valentine's Day, but we had an ok day. He finally begrudgingly said, "It could happen to anyone," but he made it clear he was sick of the subject. Then a friend told me that she & her husband once hit a dead deer just like that, at night, & there was no way around it. I told my man that it made me feel better to hear that. He immediately said, "I don't like that! Do you want them to have an accident?" I said, "No! What I mean is, knowing it happened to someone else makes me feel less stupid for hitting it." I told him I felt judged by his initial reaction. I did not yell at him; I spoke carefully. Now he has not called/texted me for 2 days.
He talks a lot & calls me at least 2x a day. If I don't answer, he calls until I do. I knew his silence after I hit the deer was intentional, & it's intentional now.
What have I done wrong? How does saying, "I feel judged" offend so much that he'd rather not speak to me?
Feeling Judged: am I looking at this right?
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