Is this what you call clinginess?

so my crush updated his description of IG about trying hard. I noticed it and tried to figure out what he meant. that was bothering me a lot instead of texting him in 3 days, i texted him the next day and told him that i hope for the best and told him that i love him as usual and I will impose a meeting since we have been talking since 1 year now. the next time I log in, I got blocked out of the blue. Turns out he was worried about his results so... I messaged him after 2 days. I kind of lose my temper and told him not to dare go cold and block me and i know he is disappointed with his results. I tried to be helpful as usual but got blocked again.
This time I did not try again and let it go. It's been 1+ month since i did not reach him and i have no intention in doing so. Because he hurt me and I am the sort of person out of sight, out of mind.
Do you see my behaviour as being clingy, please note that I was writing to him almost every day since 1 year and it was never an issue.
Is this what you call clinginess?
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