He ghosted me and now he’s back?

Hey guys, I’ve been dating this guy for 3 years. In Jan, his communication was poor. I thought that was odd. But long story short, I found out he was going through a rough time due to the things he was posting online. I decided to give him some space. Some weeks go by, and I don’t hear from him (anytime he goes through these depressive states he pushes me away. So I’m used to it.) he told me he doesn’t like talking about it. But I do text him offering supportive words telling him I miss him. He tells me he misses me too and ends the conversation abruptly. I let it go. I notice he’s stopped watching my Instagram stories.(he always watches them even if we’re on bad terms) so I found that strange. He’s never done that before so I can’t help but feel that this is his way of ghosting me especially since it’s going on 2 months that he hasn’t talked to me. What solidified it was Valentine’s Day. He has never gotten me anything ever, except a text. So I wasn’t expecting anything. I thought that he would at least send a text because by then I was feeling neglected and unloved. He doesn’t send me anything and is still not watching my stories. I felt terrible, and unloved. What made it worse was when I went to check the Instagram of the girl he cheated on me with in the past, I noticed she posted some flowers. I knew it was him that got her those because he bought his female friend the same brand before. I felt even worse. I continued through her posts and she doesn’t post him but posts memes and stuff about “her man” which makes me feel like he took this break to go and be with her instead of me. This upsets me but I don’t bring it up to him. 5 days after Valentine’s Day, I finally hear from him. He facetimes me, but I decline it. Since then he’s been trying to FaceTime me. I want to talk to him about the situation but don’t want to come off as selfish but this really hurt me and I’m just so confused. What should I do?
He ghosted me and now he’s back?
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