Why would my guy friend have a whole photo album of me on his phone?


hi i’m 21F and my guy friend 22M have known each other almost 5 years now. sorry for grammar i’m just— confused.

i found out that my guy friend has a whole album in his photos on his phone of just me. but the scary part is some of the photos were ones on my mac that are password protected. these were my own personal photos i take (not sexual) to boost my confidence - no makeup, things like that. to help me be more comfy with myself. he had photos from right around the time i met him to now.
he freaked out when i found out. i also found out (and i don’t know how he did this) he figured out how to have remote access to my mac. it was like some software he downloaded i made him delete it immediately and i then got a new computer. he was yelling and i have never seen him in so much distress he said no one was supposed to find out especially not me.
he said he absolutely can’t lose me and now i’ll never talk to him again. he said “you think i’m a freak don’t you?” yelling. i was so blindsided i was silent and worried to be honest.
please i don’t know how to approach this situation.
why would he do this, he has a girlfriend? i asked him that and he said he doesn’t have to tell me. or would say “i don’t know, i don’t know” he was extremely defensive. his girlfriend hates me with a passion and is very rude to me and i never understood why. but i think this might be a part of it?

i really love him. we are so close and have been so open with each other. like deep, personal things. i don’t know why he would do this.

tldr. my guy friend that’s in a relationship has a whole photo album of just me. photos from the time i met him to now. including ones that were password protected on my laptop. please how do i approach this situation?
Why would my guy friend have a whole photo album of me on his phone?
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