Why can’t he admit to his friends that he likes me?

he can’t admit it for some reason and I don’t think he’s embarrassed by me as one of his closest friends actually really liked me and used to have a crush on me... he admits to them he talks to me everyday but won’t admit that he likes me... the thing is... he is so stuck on denying his feelings for me to them that he even lets them hit on me and stuff... and even make degrading jokes sometimes.
could it be possible he’s embarrassed to admit he forgiven me because I disrespected him once really badly an argument and all his friends knew I did that & called me “crazy” “a bitch”
I know he likes me because
1. He texts me all day everyday
2. he saves a letter that I written him & keeps it in his room
3. He calls me beautiful, baby girl etc and sends good morning texts every day without fail
4. he opens up to me about everything
5. he talks to me about the future and what he wants from it often
6. he’s told me he wants to be a part of my life
7. he talks to me about his family & his nieces all the time. They know me, too
Why can’t he admit to his friends that he likes me?
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