Should I let the love of my life go?

There's a guy I have a crush on since 8years, finally he wanted to try it out with me and we have contact since 3months. He always treats me like a princess and I really felt like he liked me. But then 2 days ago we were texting and he texted me a heart and I was outside with a friend and didn't wrote him anything after that heart, a few hours later he asked me "are u still alive?" and then I just answered him 4hours later because I fell asleep. On the other day he was like what were you doing yesterday and I told him my friend (girl) was with me and we were watching a movie and fell asleep. He didn't believed me (I don't know why! I'm always honest w him) and told me "do you know what? it already happended and I do not care why you didn't texted me" then I tried to explain him everything again and told him in the end "but yea it does not matter bc you don't care" and he was like "yes you're right) and I told him u are so cold to me and he was like you are strange it can't be that you didn't saw my text (a heart!!!) I think this is disrespectfull but please can we stop talkiing about it and I was like "as you wish" and he then sent me a smiley. Since then we do not have any contact and he is sooo stubborn and I think he won't text me again, but I dont want to text him bc I always ran after him and he should just start to play fair. If he would be any other guy I would let it be, but it's him.. I want him so bad in my life.

I would be more than glad to know your thoughts about this and if I should write him and if yes, what? Thank you in advance!! MAybe you think this is exaggerated and I should wait, but I know him and I'm 99.9% sure he won't't text me. I am 21years old and he is 23. (Sorry for my bad English) Please also let me know your gender and age
Should I let the love of my life go?
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