Our relationship has become boring?

Been dating this guy for a few months and he's held on even when I've tried to leave for certain reasons. We worked on some things but he just seems boring sometimes or a lot. Sometimes we're great other times, the conovs seem stale and he plays video games all day.

It's kind of funny because he made a little friend through gaming that he had to cut off due to her disrespecting me and the bitch talked to him damn near everyday. He claimed she only wanted attention, and that she'd message his friends too. He obviously must have felt special if he went to his friends to discuss her and they came to that conclusion.

He was super happy last week and now he seems boring. Don't know if it's the depression or what. Like today was weird and bland conversation wise. He's also been "falling asleep" mid day.

Maybe it's a combination of things. One being that he's comfortable in the relationship now? vs meeting and talking to new people.
Our relationship has become boring?
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