Did this guy seem like a creep?

So I was taking a walk and this guy started picking up on me and said I looked familiar but I wasn’t who he was talking about and he offered to walk back with me in the neighborhood and I said sure but he kept flirting with me and giving me an uneasy feeling and vibe and started asking inappropriate questions to me and if I’ve had sex and what positions do I like and stuff and I felt so uncomfortable like I’m not sure what his motives were but I didn't want him to follow me home. I cut ties near a nearby school and came home as soon as I can but something about him and the way he was talking and his body language seemed off like as if he was gonna try to do something inappropriate. I felt so uncomfortable and scared but I hope he didn’t hide and try to see where I live😭
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I politely told him I wasn’t interested in him but it’s also like he didn’t get the hint because he kept saying one inappropriate thing after another and he says he likes latinas like me, he was an African American guy which I have NOTHING against race but he just gave me a bad feeling and was acting strange
Did this guy seem like a creep?
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