Bribes for Dates make me ill?

So I have this guy that is in his mid 30s. I have been there for him this past year and vice versa. I have made it clear and consistent when mentioning I do not want to be in a relationship or even entertain the idea.
My "guy friend" has kept mentioning when we converse "when we..." statements. I have always corrected them. However, I am at a point where he really wants to be together and I do not want to entertain it. I believe he now is taking more drastic options. He has started bribing me with sugar baby incentives w/ the physical being tacked on. I am at a point where I want to break things off in a civil manner because I feel sick even being remotely bribed in any fashion. Plus he doesn't drive which I would have the burden of driving him around when we hang out. The cons are speaking loud and clear.
So I was looking for what you guys think of his intentions. He's very sarcastic and dances around issues; but will wait a day then try and make you retract what you said because his feelings were hurt. I feel like he is trying to manipulate the situation just so I stick around.
He is bribing you, even tho he's a good man
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No I think he just cares about you
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Take the perks and keep reminding him there's no chance
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Bribes for Dates make me ill?
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