Long story short, my best (guy) friend and i have been sleeping together for almost 7 months. He has a girlfriend (and yes yes i knew this so dont come for me i knew my actions). Well, he always defended me to his girlfriend because she didn't want me around (rightfully so but she didn't know the extent of our friendship). The last fight they had he told her everything and admitted to sleeping with me. When i asked him why he did that was he was looking to break up with her and he said no. Well their fighting obviosuly got worse, but i contacted her. Mind you I've NEVER spoken to her a day in my life. Her and I actually had a decent convo. I only hit her up to save their relationship and let her know im sorry and that i dont want her and him breaking up. No revenge or anything crazy on my end. Well he found out I hit her up and he literally went batsh*t crazy on me. Told me to die and that i was never worth his time. Im so hurt because besides the sexual tension and sex, we were very close as friends. Now, he isn't together with her and he won't speak to me. I tried apologizing a million times to him and he told me his life is better without me. Im so hurt. How can he admit his truth and im the problem? How can he defend me to his girlfriend and tell her hell never stop being friends with me because he DOES genuinly care about me and wants me in his life. But he does this? Do i just let it go and move on? I miss him and i hate that he hates me...
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Just so you all know I NEVER WENT TO HIS GIRLFRIEND the whole entire time this was going on. HE ADMITTED THE TRUTH to his girlfriend. I only went to his girlfriend AFTER he told her the truth. I wanted to try and save their relationship and let her know that this was all a mistake. he's angry at me for that but forgets i kept his secret safe the whole time. Still wrong but im not the enemy!
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