Why does my boyfriend never buy me any gifts?

i’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 4 months and he hasn’t bought me anything at all, before i go forward i am 100% aware that gifts and buying things are not a necessity in a relationship. for Valentine’s day i bought him his favourite candy, a hoodie, and chocolate. he didn’t buy me anything at all, and when i asked him about it he was like “oh i forgot, we didn’t agree to buy gifts” but yet it was valentine’s day, i was very upset about this because it was also our 2 month anniversary at this point. it seems like i’m overreacting but he never offers to get me anything and i buy him a lot of things. its not like he doesn’t have the money, i dont even have a job yet and i spent like 90$ on him for valentine’s day. he has a job and has been working for over a year. i’m not trying to sound selfish at all, i care about him and our relationship so much, and i am extremely happy, i am just wondering why i’m the only one buying him gifts it just feels one sided.
Why does my boyfriend never buy me any gifts?
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