Is he losing interest all of a sudden?

I have been romantically seeing this guy for around 4 months and we are exclusive. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet because we have not got to see each other during this time due to pandemic, but I have known him for almost a year. Therefore, I believe I know him as a person and he is lovely. Anyway, everything was going well and we got very close within the last couple of months. We even said the ‘L’ word like a month ago. He has a condition known as CSF-ME which makes you feel tired all the time, you can see on Google to understand better. He has been dealing with it for a while now. I do my best to support him as much as I can. A few days ago, he asked me to have a time off for a few days because he was feeling mentally quite down and he was struggling to respond messages. We used to talk every day and now we have not been talking for around 4 days. Yesterday, I texted him saying “hi, you don’t need to respond, I just hope you are feeling better and enjoying your time off. I always think about you, talk soon”. He opened the message and didn’t respond - which is fine otherwise I would not say it. However, after getting closer and closer for months and talking to each other everyday, I am starting to take this personal. I totally understand when you have a time off but if you really love someone, I believe this “space” would not last too long. I am not going to text anymore and instead I will wait another week to contact if he does not. Do you think he is losing interest all of a sudden? I know he would have told me because he is pretty straightforward, but perhaps he is not as comfortable this time...
Is he losing interest all of a sudden?
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