Did I do wrong?

So I've been friends with this guy for some months and we've been talking everyday just on the phone. The thing is that now he seems bored of me which means we talk for less hours, doesn't have much to say, most of time passes in silence for both of us but despite of that he would want to talk everyday. What I've noticed recently is that now he watches videos while we talk. Sometimes it's when he has nothing to say. When I ask him or tell him something, he doesn't hear. One day I told him that I didn't like this thing and he said "but I don't know what to say. Should I make up stuff to you?" as an explanation to why he watches the videos while on the phone with me. Then he said "you can just hung up" and I replied "you hang up" and so it's been 3 days that we haven't talked since that day. He hasn't texted me and I won't do it either. Did I do wrong for saying that I didn't like that?
Did I do wrong?
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