Does he even like me?

So we never met before and we like each other a lot sometimes he will say he wants me as a girlfriend.. the other night I texted him a lot and he responded with a short answer so I left him on read and then i blocked him... I added him back the next day and he said “ I guess you don’t wanna talk anymore have a good time in Seattle “ why is he being this way? Like if he responds so short why does he even care?

Then we texted and he said of course I wanna talk to you and I want I can’t wait for June and then we texted back and forth and he left me on read (he never does this ) so this he responded hours later and it was a big response but I just left him on read and then he texted me the night and said “hey you 🙂 “ I haven’t responded cause I feel weird now about it does he even like me or should I let him go? I have to wait 2 months before meeting him
Does he even like me?
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