An old neighbor making me uncomfortable, should I be suspicious?

I haven’t been on this website in a while because I wanted to teach myself not to overthink things. I can’t help but ask strangers advice on this, because I am a bit weirded out. I am 27 years old and I moved back Into my home during covid , my job in the modeling industry is slow , and i am back with my parents. I know this couple from down the street, a husband and wife. The woman is a jeweler and the husband is a financier, I know this because when I was 21, before I moved out, I would hang out with the wife a lot with our dogs and I purchased a necklace from her. After moving away we lost touch, never spoke, and now after moving back in I don’t see her anywhere, I just see her husband, every day, walking by my house , he has yet to mention where she is, even my other neighbor asked me where or if I have seen her. He walked up my driveway last week drunk as a skunk, and lingers around me, he won’t stay or talk much of my mother is around , or father. I am feeling something is very off. He asked me what I wanted to do now that covid restrictions are lifting and I said “date” .. he said he wants to find me someone in a creepy way. As the way I said it wasn’t even creepy. There is something about this whole situation not sitting right with me, he seems to always be around outside when I am... and where is his wife? I also thought it’s weird he bought another dog and told me my dog would be playing with his in “no time” ... am I wrong to be suspicious
An old neighbor making me uncomfortable, should I be suspicious?
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