Should I give up Snapchat for SMS texting?

In other words, should I promote my phone number on Snapchat?

I have only given my phone number to one of my friends, a female, and we never ever texted before (but we have messaged via Snapchat).

Unfortunately, things are going a bit up and down between me and K[***]. Sometimes we get fun, and she either sends me sexy/cute selfies, the occasional dog photo or acts full-on shy with just a one-word response.

I have great communication with three of my other friends, especially L[***], also a female. We conversate and flirt very well. Problem is, I don't know if she'll text my number.

A lot of my friends live in California, but many others also live in a few other states, including Kansas and Missouri.
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Should I give up Snapchat for SMS texting?
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