Do you think he’ll regret/maybe wake up to what he’s done?

There was this guy I was talking to. Over time, we admitted our feelings together. We clicked. Had so much in common. I finally opened up to him slowly, and we cuddled with affection. We talked about traveling up to places local and far away in the near future. Doing this and that.
Over time, his communication was awful. He works/worked a lot. He just never texted me throughout hours sometimes, and this was concerning. It was who he was.. Reason why I dropped over time, and I felt like he never tried with us. I tried to let him go once, and he thought I was pushing him away. I told him I’d never push somebody away like that, and he was thankful that “we” didn’t end. Two weeks later, we ended. I can’t do the whole communication thing. He’d go days/hours without anything. I’ve done my absolute best with everything, and he wouldn’t give me anything in return.

He use to tell me how much he thought about me during the day when I never got a message.
Of course, we’ve had sex. But we always cuddled afterwards. He was very affectionate towards me, but I feel like I messed up for ending things. :/

Though I know he never tried..
Do you think he’ll regret/maybe wake up to what he’s done?
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