Is What My Male Friend Doing Toxic?

Okay so let me start from the beginning: I knew this guy in high school we’ll call him LP a 22M. (I’m a 22F) we graduated the same year in 2017
And I never heard from him again UNTIL June 2020 when he randomly found me on Facebook and DM’d me. We’ve been talking for about a year and hung out a few times! But he started to catch feelings for me and I could tell since he didn’t hide it very well. He kept cuddling me, holding my hand etc, he’s stayed well over 12am too. I thought I had feelings for him as well and was considering dating him. But after much consideration, and soul searching I realized I don’t really find him attractive or appealing, I have feelings for another man; I mean he has a great personality but he’s more of a friend and thats it.

When I tried explaining that I have feelings for a different man and that I’m not interested in LP mutually: he insisted on waiting for me. I then tried explaining a different way, and that I have mental health issues (PTSD, Trauma), not being interested, and needing to recover from my trauma and do some soul searching LP STILL insisted that he wait for me and that he’s persistent. I started to feel pressure and anxious about being in a relationship and began tossing any excuse I can find to shake him off. I tried telling him to move on and he still says “No.”

What should I do?
What CAN I do?

Advice would be appreciated, I currently have LP Muted after finally getting through to him that I need time away for myself. He kept trying to hang out with me whenever he and I had the same day off. I feel as though he’s trying way to hard and that he’s expecting too much from me currently. Again, I don’t have feelings for LP: I just want him to respect my boundaries and to move on.

Thanks for reading <3
Is What My Male Friend Doing Toxic?
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