Is my ex trying to send some kind of message through social media about his feelings towards me?

My ex boyfriend had a new girlfriend and they broke up it seems so I’m thinking many of these things he was posting on social media might be relating to his relationship with her. But he reached out to me to talk and I didn’t want to. Shortly after, his posts on social media posts became odd. He posted a TikTok video of him saying he was glad to be a “fuck boy”. He also shared a picture of himself laughing with a caption insinuating that he was laughing at his ability to lie to women and not get caught. The content on his social media also changed to him being more open to meeting more women, disdain at his conversation with his now ex girlfriend, and a post saying “sad to say my one true hope is lost” which was put on Facebook immediately after I told him not to message me anymore. The reason I’m curious is because I thought I knew him well, or was at least observant enough to realize how he works. And one thing he always did when we were together was use hints and signs about how he felt. I remember sometimes he would hold my hand while he drove and listen to love songs-he had even once cried while a song played and kept looking at me saying he loved me. If he wanted to tell me something that he was thinking about he would ask me to read a book he liked or to watch a clip from a movie that made his feelings more clear. I could always tell when he wanted to say something that he was too weird to just say on his own. Sadly, I trusted him when I really needed somebody in a rough time in my life and he disappointed me. Which is why I refused to talk to him. My question is, I wonder why now all of a sudden I notice him doing the similar thing of sending hints over social media towards me. He has posted many things from him singing a famous song that is titled with MY name to him posting his newly painted living room with a color I had told him multiple times that I wanted to paint my first place with the caption “I like yellow too.” Am I looking into it too deeply?
Is my ex trying to send some kind of message through social media about his feelings towards me?
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