What should you do if an ex is lying on social media about you?

My ex played me and I was still in love with him. He left me for another woman and ghosted me. I didn’t act on my anger-ever. He didn’t apologize for 3 years. I dated other men but I hadn’t actually felt the same connection. In all these years, I only kissed 1 man, I allowed that same man to give me oral sex and then shortly after we agreed to stay friends because I wasn’t ready for a further sexual relationship. Throughout the years I dated a few guys, all VERY handsome men. These were men who probably should be models. While I have needs, I always kept my legs closed by choice. I chose to stay celibate and often resorted to breaking up (always amicably) and choosing to stay single while I sorted out the feelings created by my ex boyfriend. This same man apologized FINALLY after almost 3 whole years. In all that time I have never had sexual intercourse with a SINGLE person after him. He was and still is the only man I have ever slept with. After he apologized, I accepted it and I tried to let it go because it finally provided me with the closure I wanted. My ex made another attempt to contact me which I ignored. However, I attest that I was very polite even when I declined his attempts to stay friends. So reaching out again was pointless for him to do and I ignored him. Maybe being ignored caused him to get angry, I don't know. But after some time passed I noticed he made a post on social media calling me a whore and saying I slept with a lot of people. My inbox is full of people who he knows, men who probably wants to date me despite me having been with him. His brothers, cousins, and friends. I’ve never responded to a single message nor is anything he says about me true. Men having a crush on me doesn’t mean anything. I have not slept with anybody
What should you do if an ex is lying on social media about you?
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