Why did he randomly stop talking to me?

We’ve been talking every day for a month, met on vacation and hooked up and we live in different states. He wanted to continue talking and fly to see me so I said okay. Anyway things were going great we talked all the time and he was constantly flirting with me and saying all these nice things saying I was too cute and we even FaceTime a bunch of times. However, one night he texted me late and said he wanted to FaceTime me in about an hour. He never FaceTime to me so I texted him and said I was going to sleep since he didn’t call me and said good night. He left me on red for two days and when he finally hit me up his response was just a Snapchat of his face. Over the next week he took much longer to respond and we ended up having a conversation about it and he told me he wanted me to tell him if somethings bothering me. I said it wasn’t a big deal and that we aren’t dating so I wasn’t mad at him. I asked him if he was still going to come see me this weekend and he said yes. Well now it’s been three days and nothing from him, still hadn’t opened my snap. I’m assuming that he’s ghosting me because he still posting on his story but I’m just confused as to why. He seemed like he was so into me and he was the one that wanted to keep talking and flirting so why would he just randomly do this? why wouldn’t he just be honest? And why would he flirt so heavily just to stop replying? I even said I didn’t want to annoy him and he said I wouldn’t ever annoy him and that he wanted me to text twice if he didn’t reply
Why did he randomly stop talking to me?
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